BillionToOne, Inc Response to COVID-19

To all of our Doctor clients and health workers,

We deeply thank you for the service you do for the society and for the essential care you provide to pregnant mothers across the US amid this unprecedented pandemic. Our hearts and thoughts go to all of you–you and your family, your clinic staff members, your patients–who have been affected by COVID-19. As a fellow healthcare provider, our team shares the concerns that many of you are feeling every day at work.

At BillionToOne, the medical laboratory behind UNITY test, our top priority is to protect the health and safety of our customers and their patients while doing what we can to help reduce the burden and disruption to our healthcare system. We have put in a series of COVID-19 related contingencies in place to minimize the potential disruptions to our testing process. Our management team meets regularly to discuss and update COVID-19 policies to ensure the safety of our employees and to minimize the spread of the virus. We are also trying to do our share in response to the COVID-19 pandemic by mobilizing our R&D team to use our proprietary qSanger platform to rapidly develop a high-accuracy, high-throughput COVID-19 assay, which will be shared with other clinical laboratories in order to increase testing in the US.

We are in frequent communication with our customers and business partners with regard to the changing workflow. We hope that UNITY can help your practice by reducing the number of visits that prenatal carrier testing might requireFor those of you who are completely switching to telemedicine approach for patient appointments, we offer mobile blood draw services for all patients at no cost. You can simply FAX the UNITY requisition form at 1-833-296-2182 to us (or we can set up a HIPAA compliant email for you). We will work directly with your patient to arrange a mobile blood draw visit to your patient’s home. If your patient also needs another genetic testing such as NIPT for Aneuploidies, we also offer a courtesy draw for all other testing needs at the same time as your patient is getting drawn for UNITY. Please reach out to your local sales representative or [email protected] so that we can arrange to have the required supplies ready for your other testing needs.

As always, we provide complimentary genetic counseling service (both pre-test and post-test). Please feel free to direct your patients for counseling to our support number 650-460-2551.

On behalf of the entire BillionToOne team, I want to emphasize that we deeply appreciate your work. All of our team members are here to help you with any unique challenges you might face. As you and your team develop your response plans, please know that we are here for you to cope with this significant challenge together with you.

Oguzhan Atay, PhD
CEO, BillionToOne, Inc.