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Make confident medical decisions.

By counting single molecules of DNA, we create diagnostics that reduce uncertainty and give clinicians and patients the clarity to make confident medical decisions.

The only blood test that shows your baby's risk for common and severe genetic diseases

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Cancer Liquid Biopsy

BillionToOne’s cancer diagnostic test lowers the limit of detection for gene amplifications by 10x so that these hallmarks of cancer are detected earlier.

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Covid-19 Response

BillionToOne unlocks 1+ million COVID-19 testing capacity per day in the US alone

BillionToOne developed a novel qSanger-COVID-19 Test that is more than 30x higher throughput than existing quantitative PCR (qPCR) methods and is highly accurate and cost-effective.

Combining the unused Sanger sequencer capacity from the Human Genome project and the proprietary machine learning algorithm, BillionToOne’s qSanger-COVID-19 unlocks millions of daily testing capacity worldwide.

Test reagents will be made available in 2 weeks to clinical laboratories, pending manufacturing of kits and Emergency Use Authorization from FDA.