qSanger-COVID-19 Assay

We’re unlocking 1+ million COVID-19 testing capacity per day

BillionToOne developed a groundbreaking RNA-extraction free COVID-19 test assay that is much higher throughput than existing qPCR methods and is highly accurate.

Combining the unused Sanger sequencer capacity from the Human Genome project and the proprietary machine learning algorithm, BillionToOne’s COVID testing protocol removes the costly and time-consuming step of RNA extraction and has the potential to unlock millions in daily testing capacity worldwide.

To end the COVID-19 crisis, millions of more tests are needed daily.

As dozens of states begin to open their economies, the United States still is only able to perform an average of ten COVID-19 tests for every positive result. That’s far from what we need to be able to effectively prevent the spread of coronavirus and keep communities safe as economies and businesses across the country begin to reopen.

How BillionToOne is helping to address the testing shortage:

  1. 20X higher throughput, unlocking 1+ million tests per day in the US alone

  2. Our method relies on a Sanger sequencing-based approach, using the technology behind the Human Genome Project. BillionToOne’s testing protocol uses a qSanger spike-in method and machine learning algorithms to perform highly accurate COVID-19 diagnostic tests (a controlled experiment yielded 100% accuracy of results for FDA EUA). Each Sanger instrument can perform nearly 4,000 tests per day, versus just 200 tests per day for every qPCR machine.

    qSanger™️ technology unlocks >1M+ testing capacity per day by taking advantage of high-throughput Sanger sequencers developed for the Human Genome Project.

  3. Removes costly, time consuming RNA extraction step and avoids supply chain bottlenecks

    BillionToOne’s qSanger COVID-19 test uses a different set of instruments and chemicals from existing qPCR methods. Our test removes the costly, time consuming step of RNA extraction which relies on testing reagents in short supply. This will enable labs to unlock a new set of unused capacity. 
  4. Extremely accurate

    BillionToOne’s qSanger COVID-19 test yields high volumes of test results while maintaining accuracy.  
  5. Distributed model, enabling testing capacity to scale up quickly 

    qSanger-COVID-19 test is easily adoptable at any labs with Sanger sequencers with minimum training. Contact us to explore opportunities to partner with BillionToOne or request testing kits.

FDA EUA Documents:

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